Home! Saturday, 4 October 2014

9,798.90 kilometres travelled (Gareth is annoyed we fell 200kms short of 10,000) – this equals 1/4 of the Earth’s circumference if you wanted a useless fact to go with that.
1,592.22 litres of petrol
5,857 photos and videos
24 set ups and pack ups of the caravan
2 replaced caravan tyres
5 replaced bike tyre tubes
10 incredible weeks

After a leisurely last breakfast we headed to Moe to pick up our beloved Coco! We were all nervous about how she would greet us, but she went crazy! Phew, she remembers us! A big, big, GINORMOUS thank you Kaz & Trev, particularly Kaz who loved and cuddled Coco for those 10 weeks. Knowing she was loved made being away from her so much easier.

We spent the afternoon in Moe catching up with Mum and doing lots of washing. Had to take advantage of this beautiful sunshine to dry the washing.

We arrived home just before 6pm. It is nice to be home with all it’s comforts (although, we’ll always take a bed in the caravan by the beach any day).

We have been asked so many times what was our favourite place or favourite thing, but we all find that so hard to answer. We have seen some breathtaking scenery, visited some beautiful places, had some amazing adventures, met lots fantastic people. It is without a doubt one of the greatest experiences of our lives to date. We have all laughed, loved and learnt so much about our country and each other. If you have the opportunity to do a trip like this with your children – DO IT! We live in such an amazing country, it needs to be seen and explored. And we have some great history and what a fun way to learn about it by actually experiencing where it all happened.

This blog was originally started as part of Hannah and Emily’s homework. It ended up becoming a great way to document and remember our holiday and something we can keep forever (well as long as the internet is around!) and something we all enjoyed contributing to. We received lots of comments from family and friends about how much they loved reading it and we have also somehow developed a big following on it from overseas! We like to get about in the caravan a bit, so we have decided to keep this blog going so we can write about our future trips – be it weekends away or wherever we venture to in the caravan. If you don’t want to continue to receive updates, please feel free to unsubscribe. Obviously, the updates won’t be everyday like they have been for the past 10 weeks.

Thank you to all who read it, commented on it and enjoyed it!

Over and out, for now –
The Mollards

A note from Amanda:
I always like to have the last say and I can’t finish the blogging of this trip without mentioning what a great husband I have. I’ve always known he was one of the best. These past 10 weeks he has worked tirelessly to ensure everything was perfect for us girls. The way he teaches, plays, laughs, consoles, encourages and loves our two girls is beyond words. Thanks G, for working so hard for us and loving us the way you do. xxx


Author: Mollard Family Travels

We are about to head off on a long anticipated trip in the van seeing some of this beautiful country! We've already seen lots of Victoria in the van and this trip further abroad will definitely be the first of many longer adventures across Oz. Hannah & Emily are the bloggers for this holiday. Stay tuned! :)

3 thoughts on “Home! Saturday, 4 October 2014”

  1. Happy to hear you are all home safe and sound (including Coco). What an incredible holiday you have all had. I think Michael is envious to be honest. Maybe one day, in the future, we will give it a go. πŸ˜ƒ Enjoy your first night home in your bed, and we look forward to seeing you soon. P.S. I told you he was a keeper Amanda. 😘

  2. Welcome home! Such an adventure you have had, and we got to have a little piece of it with the sharing of your fantastic blog. We would love to travel the coast and hopefully one day in the not too distant future we too can enjoy the sights and relax on the sun. β˜€οΈπŸ˜Ž Can’t wait to catch up 🍹

  3. Welcome home Mollard family! Like many others I have loved reading your regular posts and reminiscing about our own family trips when our girls were a similar age. These treasured memories can never be taken away from you and I am so glad you haved many. My answer to the favouirte part has always been – “the trip!!!” See you on Monday girls! Mrs N.XXX

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